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Wig Styles for the Workplace

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We all like to keep our looks switched up either with clothes, makeup or withour hair. Changes to your hair can be sometimes be the most noticable and really get that group around the water cooler at work talking. So what if you just want to look amazing minus all the chatter? What if you want to continue to wear the same wig or try something different and still keep some measure of consistancy? Keep reading for a few ways to get the style versatility your're looking for without all the talk! 


#1 Keep your color (relatively) the same!

This tip is the easiest of them all! If you decide to wear your wig straight, wavy, curly, or opt for a kinky, fro'd out look- doesn't matter! Keep the hair color the same and you keep your look consistant!


#2 Go long

So as we all know there is no magic button to make our wig hair reset back to long if we have accidentally over snip but if you opt for hair that is a little longer than your comfort zone, you can cut layers into the hair or gradually make it shorter as the years go by keeping an old unit looking new!


#3 Extend Yourself

Okay so you can somewhat disregard #2 because though it isn't magic, you CAN add hair to a unit that is shorter than you'd like just by sewing in or clipping in extensions onto your wig. This is also a chic way to add touches of color without committing to a wig that is already dyed or trying to dye a wig with questionable results!


#4 Seek a Pro

Sometimes it's not about changing the style of your wig as much as it's about bringing it back to life. A tired wig is NO ONE'S friend. It could be time that you see a seasoned pro to breath new life into your unit. Find a stylist that is used to working with wigs and get a deep condition treatment or possibly new color or extensions to make your unit like new again!


Did you love our suggestions? Hate them? Did we miss something? Tell us all about it in the comments section below and then be sure to check our latest promo so you can order your new unit today!

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