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Jumpstart Healthy Hair Growth

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Each of us wants to have healthy beautiful hair. Sometimes we meet a block in the road on our journey to healthy hair or perhaps you’re so discouraged by your hair dilemma’s that you’ve given up trying to solve them. Hopefully we can restore your faith and provide a few tools to help you see the change you long for. We’re addressing the most common hair struggles with 10 tips on how to eliminate or control the issues that keep you from celebrating your hair as you should!

  1. You’ve likely read this many times and IT IS STILL TRUE! Drink water and eat healthy. Your skin, scalp, hair – everything is getting nutrients from what your body ingests. Choose whole fruit over fruit in a can, fresh ingredients over processed food from a box and drink PLENTY of water. Foods like wild salmon and trout have a ton of omega-3 fatty acids that provide moisture to your scalp and can prevent dry or brittle hair.
  2. Buy products specifically for your hair type. If your hair is thin, use a shampoo and conditioner that specifically address thinning hair. Use products that offer a “volumizing” effect. If you are testing various products be sure to use a clarifying shampoo between products so you completely remove all residue.
  3. Massage your scalp when using your shampoo and conditioner. Take advantage of all the ingredients at work to help your hair and massage them in!
  4. *BONUS* Also massage your scalp with products like Castor oil and/or biotin oil. These oils have great properties to help with hair growth.
  5. Get your ends trimmed! You may be surprised how your hair will instantly look better once you cut off thinning, split or otherwise damaged ends. I recently got my hair trimmed and it looked better IMMEDIATELY and I didn’t even think I needed it that bad. A great way to judge if you should get a trim is – has it been 4-6 weeks since your last trim? Are you using a lot more product to get your hair to behave? You probably need to go ahead and make that appointment!
  6. Be nice to your hair. Comb it gently with a wide tooth comb and start from the ends and work your way up. Don’t rip through your hair with a brush (I cringe at how I did that for years) and get rid of any comb or brush that is damaged and rips at your hair or has metal tips.
  7. Hair growth supplements can be a great tool in getting your hair where you want it to be if you have a vitamin deficiency. Do your research, consult with your doctor, but if it sounds too good to be true, you already know it probably is.
  8. Speaking of doctors, TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR! You’re hair loss, lack of hair growth, scalp issues or dryness may be due to some unforeseen issue that truly needs medical intervention. Don’t delay having beautiful skin and hair by putting off a visit with a dermatologist.
  9. Rinsing your hair with cold water after a shampoo and conditioning treatment can help seal the cuticle and reduce frizz
  10. Limit how often you wash your hair. Washing daily will strip your hair of its natural oils and can lead to unnecessary dryness. If you have dry hair, condition your hair before AND after you wash it for added moisture.

Perhaps the two best tips to dramatic change are 1. Be patient and 2. Get some rest! Dramatic change takes time and a lack of quality sleep can take a surprising toll on your entire body! If you have question about the tips above, let us know in the comments and find more helpful tips on jump starting your healthy journey here!

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