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Must Have Tools: Versatile Wig Styling

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If you’ve recently purchased a wig or even if you have one sitting in the closet that needs the dust shaken off of it, keep reading to find out what must have tools you need to keep your styling options limitless! We all get excited when a new unit arrives but over time, change can keep us from getting bored with it. Before you run out and buy a whole new unit, consider switching up the hair style and see if that breathes new life into your hair!


Barrel Curling Iron

If you’re looking to create fabulous curls – big or small – then a barrel curling iron is a must. Most come with multiple size wands so you can switch up your curl size easily. You may also want to invest in a curling iron glove to prevent heat damage to your hand while wrapping your hair around the wand. Paired with a great hair spray, you can create curls or waves that will literally last for days!

Flat Iron

The magic of the flat iron is pretty widely known by now and it is still an essential tool to switching up your look. If you have a wavy or straight unit, running it through a flat iron will give your hair that added polish and silky straight finish.

Steam Rollers

If you have a kinky texture wig, you may want to reconsider significantly altering that texture by using a flat iron. You’ll also have quite a task on your hands with trying to use a barrel curling iron. However, steam rollers can be a great way to switch from the afro or kinky curl or even kinky straight look to a soft wave pattern.


I know, I know! You’re probably thinking, why would I need extensions if I have a wig? Well, extensions can be your wigs best friend! You can clip them or sew them in to add more density or to add color. Extensions (or weft hair) are great for changing your wig from an everyday look to red-carpet-hit-the-stage-full-on-Beyonce-night-time-glamour! And if your objective is just to add a few accents of color you can do so without buying a whole new wig because human hair extensions can be treated just like your human hair wig. If you want to curl or straighten them, you can!

Scissors (Various types and lengths)

Yes, scissors! Sometimes, after your wig has reached a place where you think all its best days are far behind and the curls are dull and the waves are gone because you’ve over-straightened it you can still turn it back into something that looks new. Whether you want to wield the scissors yourself or take it to a stylist, you can turn what is old into something exciting with a little snip. Go for a bob or just change the length from mid-back to shoulder length. You’d be surprised how much better the hair will look overall and how excited you’ll be to wear your old wig again. If you need help finding the right scissor type get help here!

We know you can never get enough ideas on how to improve your wig and we have even more tips if our wig is need of serious repair right here! If you’re excited to try some of these suggestions above let us know below because we love hearing from you!

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