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The No Chop Transition

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So you’ve decided to return to your natural texture and that by itself is a major (and awesome) decision. For many, the decision to return to your natural hair can be intimidating because you may not remember what you’re in for. The last time you saw your hair in its totally natural state was likely tens of years ago when you were 4 feet tall and still rocking hair beads. To help you avoid any "shock" keep in mind that returning to natural hair is not about trying to look like anyone else. It’s all about embracing who you are without all the additives and influence of pop culture. Coily, kinky, curly, 3b, 4c – release the tendency to find the “box” you fit in and enjoy rediscovering who you are within. But before we get too off track, today we’re talking about taking the plunge without going for the BIG chop. Not to worry, there are many affordable and cute style options you can chose from.


#1 Wet it, twist it, knot it...

Bantu knots and flat twist (as pictured below) are great for relaxed or natural hair. These two options are super stylish, ideal for transitioning hair and are super easy to do. You can find picture directions and all the products you’ll need here.


#2 Braided Beauty

There are SO many braiding styles there's no way you can't find one to suit you or your workplace! Styles may change, but braids never really go out of style. PLUS your braided hair can last for up to 6 weeks. 6 weeks of not thinking about your hair every morning?? Yes, please!


#3 Wigs and Extensions

If you want to insert protective styling, you can keep your hair twisted or braided and wear a wig over it or have extensions put it. Most wigs come with combs and an adjustable strap so you can secure your unit without adhesives if that is your preference. If you choose to go with extensions, be sure to use a trusted AND tested professional. The objective is to maintain healthy hair through this transition process.


#4 Big Chop v Baby Chop

So maybe you can't get excited about cutting most of your hair off but perhaps you could consider something a little less drastic. If your hair is passed your shoulders a bob could be a fab way to switch up your look and get you that much closer to your all natural path. It is true that dealing with two different textures, while not impossible, can be challenging. You can simplify your journey with every inch closer you are to prunning out the relaxed hair.


Whichever path you decide on, congratulations on taking your first big step in the process. That big step is doing your research! If you've already made the big decision to cut out your relaxer or if you're taking it slowly please share what is and isn't working for you in the comments section. Also be sure to check out our natural hair care products for all your styling and care needs!

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