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Why Our Lace Wigs

Whether you suffer from permanent hair loss, hair loss caused by chemotherapy, thinning hair, alopecia, or simply want a great head of hair while allowing your own hair to become healthier and grow back, we can help.  Platinum Wigs is your premier online retailer of true Remy wigs and hair extensions.  We pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality products at very reasonable prices.  Our beautiful lace wigs last up to one year if cared for properly.  We want every client to feel like a "Platinum Diva" wearing either our lace wigs or hair extensions.

Beware of companies (especially those located overseas) who post celebrity pictures such Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Hudson, Naomi Campbell, Kelly Rowland and others. Virtually all these companies do this without obtaining the permission of the celebrities, which infringes upon the rights of the celebrities. In fact, Tyra Banks is currently sueing ten wig companies for doing this very thing. But, because the majority of wig companies are located overseas, celebrities are not able to take legal action against them.

Before buying from these companies, ask them have they obtained permission to use the celebrity's photo, and also ask to see a picture of the wig on a manniquin. This will let you know if they really have a wig that looks like the one on the celebrity. Also, note that sometimes the celebrity may not even be wearing a wig, but the company may be using the photo to advertise a wig they are selling.

Platinum Wigs has been earning your trust since 2009. Altough many of our wigs are the same styles worn by popular celebrities and some celebrities even shop with us, we don't splash celebrity photos across our website and say we have the exact same wig without their premission to do so. So, do yourself a favor if you're looking for a solid lace wig company with credibility. Choose Platinum Wigs!


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